about Horizon

At Horizon Kids International Nursery, we offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. Our curriculum is delivered by Early Years teachers, teaching assistants and class room assistants.

Horizon Kids International Nursery is passionate about quality provision in the early years. We recognise that children grow and develop at different rate. This is where we support each child based on their individual needs, interests and requirements. We promote equality, diversity and recognise the unique and individual contribution of every child.

Horizon Kids International Nursery places an emphasis on supporting and extending a child’s knowledge, skills, understanding, thus, helping them to overcome any challenge in a warm and friendly environment, whilst gaining self-confidence to feel safe and secure. Children are encouraged to move freely and independently within all areas of the classroom and nursery areas to support their learning through interacting and exploring a range of different environments. Children are valued and included in their learning at every opportunity.

To maximise all opportunities for building on to existing understanding to new levels Horizon Kids International Nursery has assigned specific spaces to enhance a child’s learning experiences such as a Sensory Room, Gym, and Library. There are also extensive outdoor areas with a variety of outdoor play equipment for children to explore their gross motor skills and develop their awareness of the natural environment.

About Us

We value that each member of the team is a valued contributor to each child’s learning and development, ultimately offering a holistic approach. Parents are invited to attend events and are encouraged to take an active role in the care and education of their child giving everyone the chance to build positive relationships and to work in partnership for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Finally, we keep our ratios low and our class sizes small to support our children’s care, learning and play in a more personal way.

We look forward to welcoming your family to Horizon Kids International Nursery.