Dear Esteemed Parents,


We welcome you to Horizon Kids International Nursery, Al Mouj, where we have a wonderful reputation among our parents as a warm and nurturing community that welcomes little ones between the ages of 1 and 4 years into our safe; warm and colourful learning environment.

Our trained and caring staff are dedicated towards laying a comforting and stimulating foundation, where each child’s gentle introduction to education is a priority. Your child’s engagement will be consistently encouraged and extended through exploring richly resourced open areas. Each child will be actively involved in a play-based approach that evolves holistically around the seven areas of development.

Horizon Kids International Nursery is a British Curriculum Nursery that fundamentally follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development. Here at HKIN, we set out the seven key areas of development around play-based activities. These learning activities revolves around areas of development which includes the three prime areas namely personal; social and emotional; communication and language and physical development.

The specific areas are also included: numeracy; literacy; creative development and knowledge and understanding of the world. All of the activities encourage the spontaneous development and reaching of age basing EYFS learning outcomes. Your child will have a key-person responsible for tracking and recording his/her progress in a learning journey and EYFS log.

We offer excellent daycare facilities, and exciting extra-curricular activities including: Teddy Tennis; Swimming and Kiddies Yoga.

As your child graduates from HKIN, you can rest assured that he/she has been involved in a curriculum that measures up to global standards. Your child will be educated for the future holistically aiming towards becoming a confident; healthy individual that will be capable of sustaining him/herself in any international educational facility that they join in their future.

Your child’s potential will be explored; unlocked and encouraged to grow, so that he /she can excel, and reach long term goals and targets. We consider language and communication as one of the most important areas of development.  Your child’s ability to communicate, to hear and understand; to respond; even in the local basic conversational Arabic is very important to us

We have an open door policy, and several transparent communication systems for your convenience. We pride ourselves in making our little ones and their families feel at home. Please feel welcome to drop in and meet our friendly staff.  We can arrange a campus tour for you to view our lovely facilities.


Yours sincerely,

The Headteacher

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